Is NYC Couples Therapy not working?

My service is very DIFFERENT than traditional couples therapy.

If you're tired of dealing with relationship issues in New York City, or if NYC Couples Therapy is not working for you - "Heart Healing" is an empowering alternative that brings results - fast!

Dealing with relationship issues is the worst.

You started out with a happy and loving relationship.

You thought you found The One. 

And now your relationship is boring, confusing, or rocky.

It's hard to not wonder if you should just cut your losses and move on.

Did you just pick the wrong partner?

Are you doing something wrong?

Is it your partner's fault?

Or is something else going on?

Typically when you go to a couples' therapist, you talk... and talk... and talk about your relationship problems.

And usually not much is resolved.

This kind of therapy can go on for years!

But what happens if you want improvement in your love life - fast?

Enter my service, an alternative to couples therapy. You'll get clarity & positive change, quickly!

I work with high powered male and female executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities helping, guiding, and healing their love life.

My service is an empowering alternative to couples therapy because I am able to help you fix your relationship issues fast and help you heal what's going on at the root, so you never experience the same pain again.

I guide you in uncovering what's really going on in your relationship.

I will show you how to fix your relationship issues - fast.

I'll teach you how to create and sustain healthy, loving relationships. 

I'll also clear and heal anything and everything that's blocking you from experiencing love life success.

With my service, you'll get an understanding of what is really going on in your relationship.

You don't have to wait days, weeks, months or even years to see results like you would in traditional couples' therapy.

I understand how important it is to fix relationship problems quickly.

Relationships hit a point of no return.  Once a relationship gets really bad, there's no turning them around.

My service helps you create positive change fast, so if your relationship can be saved - it will be.

When we work together:

  1. You'll get a deeper spiritual understanding of why you're having problems in your relationship - and how to fix them.
  2. You'll learn spiritual principles and relationship teachings that you can put into place for positive change.
  3. You'll go deeper into learning about yourself.
  4. You'll uncover why you attracted your partner and the relationship problems you're having with him or her. (This is really fascinating stuff!)
  5. You'll understand why your relationship went from good to bad  - and what to do so it never happens again.
  6. You'll heal the underlying causes of your anger, frustration, sadness, resentment and pain.
  7. You'll get practical exercises to apply into your life to create immediate positive change.

Want to leave behind the frustration, struggle and anger you have towards your partner?

I'll teach you how to grow your soul from this relationship, so you become a better version of you - and create greater intimacy as a result.

I'll show you how to look at your relationship problems from a higher perspective so you understand what's going on and how to easily fix the issues.

You'll get to know yourself better.

You'll gain greater intimacy.

You'll become a better version of you.

Fixing your relationship issues doesn't have to take a long, you just have to know what you're doing - and that's what I'll guide you in.

Schedule an Initial Consult & Assessment - I'm happy to help you!

Couples Therapy vs Heart Healing

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