Better than an Upscale Matchmaker in New York City

My service is very DIFFERENT than working with a traditional matchmaker.

NYC high-end matchmakers disempower you!

It's a service where you're reliant on someone to find you love. 

But what happens if they don't find you someone?

If you don't like who they found for you?

Or if your relationship breaks up a couple of weeks, months or years later?

You'll have to go back to the matchmaker and spend money all over again.

Enter my service, alternative matchmaking - I empower you.

With my service, you pay once and you're done.

My service is an empowering alternative to upscale matchmakers in NYC because I teach you how to attract love to you without the reliance on anyone or anything else.

I also help you any past pain and blocks that are keeping your heart closed and love away.

You'll go from working hard at looking for love to learning how to partner with the Universe to easily and effortlessly attract "The One."

I teach you the spiritual principles that make you magnetic to love. 

I share channeled messages that are specific to you.

I'm able to clear and heal anything and everything that's blocking you.

And since I'm an Intuitive Heart Healer, I open and heal your heart, and clear blocks that are preventing you from finding love.

You'll no longer have to go out and look for love.

No more awkward first dates.  No more settling. 

My techniques are foolproof and work every time.

The process is fun, quick and easy because that's how it works when you partner with The Universe.

When we work together:

  1. You'll learn spiritual principles to easily and effortlessly attract "The One"
  2. You'll get channeled messages and exercises from Spirit to support you.
  3. You'll clear blocks and relationship baggage.
  4. You'll clear and heal your sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, resentment and fear.
  5. You'll heal old thought patterns, sabotaging behaviors, karma, co-dependency, childhood wounds and more!  

Want to leave behind the struggle and stop working so hard?

I'll teach you how to attract "The One."

I'll give you (and work with you to guide you) with the tools, techniques and know-how on how to exactly attract love to you.

You'll become magnetic to "The One."  

During our time of working together, you'll most likely attract love (most clients do!), and if not, then soon after. 

Attracting love doesn't have to take long, you just have to know what you're doing -- and that's what I'll guide you in doing!

Schedule an Initial Consult & Assessment - I'm happy to help you!

Is Your Way of Looking For Love Outdated?

<< Check out this video where I talk about a new, easier way to attract the ideal person to you.