Single, Successful & Tired of Looking for The One?

Dating in NYC can be rough.  It can be hard to figure out if someone wants a relationship with you, or is just dating around and looking to have fun.

Also, when you're single in NYC, successful, and have money, it's hard to tell if someone likes you for who you really are, or they like you for what you can give them, how you can help them, or how you can boost their career. (or the other side to that, they're intimidated by your success and your wealth).

I can help you in navigating the dating scene, guide you in attracting real love, and "The One."  This goes much deeper than just getting you a date. 

I am the trusted advisor to high-powered male and female executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

My service is an empowering alternative to upscale matchmakers in NYC because I teach you how to attract love to you without the reliance on anyone or anything else, and I help you any past pain and blocks that are keeping your heart closed and love away.

I teach you how to go from working hard at looking for love to learning how to partner with the Universe to easily and effortlessly attract "The One."

I'm also able to clear and heal anything and everything that's blocking you from experiencing love life success.

Is this you...?

  • ​Do you want to learn how to partner with the Universe to easily and effortlessly attract "The One?"

  • Are you upset that your relationships never work out for the long-term?

  • Do you wonder what you can do differently to achieve success in your love life?

  • Do you want help in healing the anger and sadness that's stored in your heart (and keeping love way)?

  • Would you like to release sabotaging behaviors that are keeping You single and alone?
  • Would you like to heal your unhealthy relationship patterns that are keeping you in a cycle of being disappointed, frustrated and unfulfilled?

  • Do you have some insecurities, anger, anxieties or fears that are keeping love away?

  • Do you have abandonment, co-dependency or commitment issues that you'd like to release?

  • Do the traditional ways of looking for love (being set up, using a matchmaker, dating online, using a dating app) not work for you or you have no interest in using them?​

  • Were you in a bad relationship or marriage that you're afraid of repeating?

  • Have you seen a therapist to get help with your love life, but not much has changed?
  • Do you refuse to settle, but worry you may have to? 

  If you've said "yes" to any of the above, I can help you

Successful, single male and female executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities come to me for one of two reasons:

  1. They either don't know how to attract love, and/or...

  2. They have "gunk" in their heart that needs to be cleared because it's blocking them from attracting and/or having a romantic relationship.

Which one is you?

You don't have to be single, if you don't want to be.

And you don't have to settle.


"When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years. I had never known true love, and I was searching for it constantly. In our sessions she pointed out some key things that helped me better myself and guide me in a better direction for pursuing not only the love life I desired, but the life I desired. I took the advice I was given, and just about 6 months later I began dating the man of my dreams. We were inseparable from the very beginning and moved in together just recently. I have never been so in love, in my life - and the guidance I got from Blaire I always hold in high regard.  I thank the Universe every day for my abundant happiness with Mike and I am finally living the life I always knew I could and wanted to, with him and personally." - Marissa, New Jersey